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How Rio Trim Açaí Works
Rio Trim Açaí is an all-natural dietary supplement specifically formulated to help people control their appetite, boost their metabolism, and increase energy levels. Rio Trio Açaí combines the very nutritional benefits and properties of Açaí with the effectiveness of Chá de Bugre.

Chá de Bugre is a great appetite suppressant - but rather than cutting off appetite all together (then causing intense hunger when it wears off at the wrong time) it gives one a sense of being full and satiated after eating only a few bites of food. This seems to promote much smaller meals, more often, which is what many practitioners believe is better for sustained weight loss and keeping the metabolism going throughout the day.
Chá de bugre products are highly commercialized as a weight loss aid in Brazil where tea bags, fluid extracts and tinctures of Chá de bugre are commonly seen in pharmacies, stores, and even in the beach-front eateries and refreshment stands along Rio de Janeiro's beaches. It has long been a popular weight loss product which has been used for more than 50 years as a diuretic, appetite suppressant, and to help prevent or reduce fatty deposits and cellulite. In Brazil, Chá de bugre is recommended for doctors and herbalists as an excellent diuretic and weight loss aid as well as a good general heart tonic which can help stimulate circulation. It is also used to relieve coughs, regulate renal function, and to reduce uric acid.

A research in Japan discovered in 1990 that Chá de Bugre helps to reduce herpes virus penetration by 99% when they pre-treated cells with the extract. In 1994, they demonstrated that the Herpes virus yield was reduced by 33% with as little as 0.25 mcg/ml and also discovered that it had toxic activity against cancer cells (demonstrating a 40% inhibition) utilizing an extract of the branches and leaves. Then in 1997, was validated the traditional use of the plant as a heart tonic when they reported cardiotonic and increased cardiovascular actions using a leaf extract.

Rio Trim Açaí will supply you with all the essential nutrients of Açaí and will help you to control and suppress your appetite with Chá de bugre. It will increase your body’s metabolism, allowing you to lose weight while increasing your energy levels.

Do not forget: A balanced diet and exercise is essential to achieving you weight loss goals.

Symptoms and Side Effects:
Rio Trio Açaí is an all-natural dietary supplement formulated to help people safely lose weight, increase their energy levels and have a better and healthier life. There are no known side effects of taking Rio Trim Açaí.

Rio Trim Açaí contains proprietary blends of all-natural ingredients, with all ingredients on the approved FDA’s G.R.A.S. list (Generally Regarded as Safe).

No prior prescription is necessary because it is an all-natural product.

Cautions: It contains natural caffeine. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Suggested use: It works best if taken two capsules 30 minutes to one hour prior to a meal. Twice a day Rio Trim Açaí.
Rainforest grown, 100% Vegetarian - NO yeast, wheat, corn, egg, soy, gluten, artificial colors or flavors, sugar or preservatives added

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