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What is Açaí?

Açaí is the much-heralded exotic palm fruit from the Amazon rain forest. With a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. Açaí could be considered the berry of choice for good health. The story of Açaí dates back hundreds of years to its use by the indigenous people of the Orinoco basin area of Brazil. Originally, treasured as a source of sustenance, scientific research has confirmed the high nutritional value of Açaí fruit and uncovered its potent antioxidant benefits.  Açaí - A nutritional powerhouse from Brazil.  

How does Açaí work?
Açaí is called a super food for many reasons and mostly because its unique combination of important compounds. The berry naturally contains huge amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Fiber, Proteins, as well as good fatty acids.
The dark purplish color of the berry is due to the polyphenolic compounds present in the berry. One of the main compounds being researched is called Anthocyanin. Analyses have shown that Açaí is one of the richest sources of Anthocyanins in the world, substances known to be powerful free radical scavengers. It is known for being a super antioxidant, but also something that can be used to assist in weight loss. The more research that is done on anthocyanins, the more benefits are found.

Why take Açaí?
The incredible levels of antioxidants in Açaí helps you to feel younger, and may increase your immunity levels. Açaí' s high levels of antioxidants also play a factor in maintenance of vascular cardiac system, which is very important for better blood circulation. Research has also shown that antioxidants can help regulate cholesterol levels in your body. Açaí has two essential fatty acids known as Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) and Omega 9 (Oleic acid). Omega 6 helps lower LDL, which is the cholesterol that harms your body, while Omega 9 fatty acids lower LDL and maintain HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

- Inflammation: Anthocyanins help neutralize enzymes that destroy connective tissue. Their antioxidant capacity prevents free radicals from damaging connective tissues and may help repair damaged proteins in the blood-vessel walls.
- Nervous System: By preventing tyrosine nitration, the Anthocyanin properties in Açaí have been found to contribute to the reversal of age related neurological deficits and help to protect against neurological diseases.
- Arteriosclerosis: Anthocyanins ability to counter oxidants make them a powerhouse in the fight against arteriosclerosis. Even in small amounts, Anthocyanins effectively guard against LDL oxidation. Anthocyanins protect the integrity of the endothelial cells that line blood vessel walls and help to maintain micro capillary integrity.
- Diabetes: One of the serious diabetic complications is retinopathy, which in most cases can cause blindness. This condition occurs when the body attempts to repair leaking, damaged capillaries, but does so by producing too many abnormal proteins. The protection of Anthocyanins
may help prevent these capillaries from leaking and assist in the prevention of abnormal protein proliferation.
- Eye Health: The Açaí berry's anthocyanins may also help improve eyesight by numerous mechanisms.
A recent Japanese study found that people taking 50mg of Anthocyanins adapted better to the dark and had less eye fatigue.

- Supports cardio-vascular health.
- Improves blood circulation.
- Supports weight loss.
- Improves digestion and digestive organ function.
- Helps to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
- Improves your stamina and endurance.
- One of the most nutritious foods in the world
- A powerful source of antioxidants to combat premature ageing

Properties/Actions Documented by Research: Anthocyanins: Studies show that Açaí has 10x more antioxidants than red grapes. Antioxidants decrease cell destruction, which in turn combats the aging process and helps keep the body free from disease. Essential fatty acids: Açaí is proving to be an excellent source of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, omega-6 and omega-9. Phytosterols: are components of plant cell membranes providing numerous benefits to the human body.The phytosterols are used in the treatment for stimulating the regeneration process. The phytosterols founded in Açaí are: sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol.

Important: The Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) fruit really is a wonderful and powerful fruit, but NEVER was used in Brazil as a weight loss fruit or for miraculous "cleansing". It is largely used in Brazil as a complement to a healthy diet and to naturally nourish the body. The Açaí itself has no cleasing or weight loss properties, unless is combined or blended with another ingredient or plant that has such properties. Lately, hundreds of companies have been advertising false attributes for this wonderful and natural fruit. Be careful with Açaí berry scam and ""free trials"", that will promise everything just get your credit card number! Until this very moment, Açaí is only found and wild harvested in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest where the soil and conditions are unique in the world.


History of the Açaí Berry

Of course you know that the Acai palm tree (açaí) is a 6-24 meter tall, fruiting palm that grows in Amazonia, mostly in the wetlands of Brazil.  It was named by the native people there as “içá-çai”, which roughly translated is: “the fruit that cries”.  It’s an unusual name, but it has a story...

...Many moons ago there was an Amazon Indian girl named “Iaça,” whose father was the tribe’s chief. His tribe had outgrown the local food supply and there was no longer enough food for everyone.

The chief decreed that all newborn babies must be killed until food supplies are sustainable again.
When Iaça, his own daughter had a child herself, the chief had his one grandbaby killed in order to not appear two-faced.

Iaça naturally wasn’t too happy, mourning her baby’s death alone in her hut (oca) for days.

Then she heard a baby crying outdoors, and followed the sound into the Jungle. After a little while she came across a very tall palm tree, covered in purple fruit.  Seeing all the food that could have saved her daughter was too much for Iaça, so some say she died right there against the trunk of the tree.

The next morning the other tribesmen found the new tree and Iaça’s body. The tree’s fruit satisfied their hunger and renewed their energy, making them stronger than ever before. The chief lifted his harsh ruling and declared that the fruit would be named for his daughter, and named it Açai, because Açai is “Iaça” spelled backwards.
So with plenty of food for all, the tribe grew and is still there eating Açai berries three meals a day to this day.
One very interesting thing to note about that story is that very few of the native indian tribes from before Columbus had survived in South America… Most were wiped out, not by conquistadors, but by European germs.  But not those who lived on the Acai berry. Their numbers never dwindled and this is a fact!

In modern times, Açaí has been eaten daily for decades by people across Brazil. A cold bowl of Açaí is usually eaten in the morning for breakfast. In the 1950’s, local doctors began to notice the health benefits of Açaí. In the 1980’s, refrigerated trucks were able to get the first frozen berries from the rainforest to Rio, where it has flourished as a very popular smoothie, ice-cream, and even cocktail ingredient ever since. They eat it many times a day down there and almost always eat it with dinner when they stay out late to party all night. Since it started showing up in supermarkets across the country, new medical studies have popped up and researchers are founding out about all of the exciting health benefits of Açaí on a daily basis.

How to use/ Preparation: In concentrated powder form, Açai has the potential to enhance the nutritional value of just about any food. As an additive to beverages and smoothies Açai packs a healthy punch and helps people get through the day with an added burst of energy and well-being. Açai powder can flavor and improve the nutritional value of any hot or cold drink but should not be limited to drinks, as there are limitless ways to enjoy the amazing benefits of Açai, here are a few suggestions: With Oatmeal, Pancakes, Steamed Milk with Honey, Soup, Bread or on top of your cereal, ice-cream or frozen yogurt.  

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