AMARGO POWDER TEA (Quassia amara) -  2 OZ / 60 gr


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Ethnomedical Uses: In Brazil is used for lice and skin parasites; for intestinal parasites and amebic infections; for malaria; for digestive problems (ulcers, dyspepsia, intestinal gas and bloating, sluggish digestion, anorexia); for anemia, colic, debility, dental pain, diarrhea, digestion disorders, dysentery, dyspepsia, fever, flatulence, gallbladder problems, gallstones, gastrointestinal disorders, gonorrhea, kidney stones, liver problems, malaria, measles, urinary insufficiency, vaginal discharge, as a liver/gallbladder aid to increase bile and eliminate toxins.

Properties/Actions Documented by Research: amebicide, analgesic (pain-reliever), anticancerous, antileukemic, antimalarial, antiparasitic, antitumorous, antiulcerous , antiviral, bitter, gastroprotective, insecticide, larvicide, muscle relaxant, pediculicide (kills lice), sedative

Cautions: It interferes with fertility.
Large amounts might cause nausea and stomach irritation.

How to use/ Preparation: How to use/ Preparation: As a digestive aid is 1/2 teaspoon of wood powder infused in one cup of boiling water. For internal parasites and gallstones: 2 teaspoons of wood powder soaked in 1 cup of cold water overnight (a cold maceration). This cold maceration can also be used topically for skin/hair parasites or as a bug spray. For head lice or fleas, prepare a long cold maceration (allowing it to macerate / soak for 24 hours). Strain and pour through the hair or apply directly to the skin. It can be washed off in an hour (or simply left on the dog). For lice, repeat every three days for three applications, and for fleas, apply once monthly.

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