CARQUEJA POWDER TEA (Baccharis Genistelloides) -  2 OZ / 60 gr



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Ethnomedical Uses: Almost every book published in Brazil on herbal medicine includes carqueja, since it has shown to be so effective for liver and digestive disorders as well as a good blood cleanser and fever reducer. Indigenous peoples of the rainforest have utilized this herb for centuries to cure common ailments. Other popular uses for carqueja in Brazilian herbal medicine today are to treat malaria, diabetes, stomach ulcers, sore throat and tonsillitis, angina, anemia, diarrhea, indigestion, hydropsy, urinary inflammation, kidney disorders, intestinal worms, leprosy, and poor blood circulation.

Properties/Actions Documented by Research: abortive, analgesic (pain-reliever), antacid, anti-inflammatory, antiulcerous, antihepatotoxic (liver detoxifier), antiviral, digestive stimulant, gastrotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the gastric system), hepatoprotective (liver protector), hepatotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the liver), hypoglycemic, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), insect repellant, uterine stimulant.

Cautions: It has hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) and hypoglycemic actions. It should not be used during pregnancy. Carqueja may potentiate the effects of antihypertensive drugs and insulin and anti-diabetic drugs. It also may speed the clearance of some drugs metabolized in the liver, thereby reducing the pharmacological effect and/or side effects of drugs that are metabolized in the liver.

How to use/ Preparation: A standard infusion is prepared with a teaspoon of dried powder herb to 4-6 ounces water. This remedy is usually taken two or three times daily with meals as a digestive aid. For topical use (pain and inflammation), 60 grams of herb (about 2 ounces) is decocted in 1 liter of water and applied to the affected area.

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