ESPINHEIRA SANTA POWDER TEA (Maytenus Illicifolia) -  2 OZ / 60 gr


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Ethnomedical Uses: Espinheira santa has a much longer and better documented history of use in urban areas and South American herbal medicine practices than in tribal areas, probably because of the types of illnesses that it treats. In Brazil, the leaves of the plant are brewed into a tea for the treatment of ulcers, indigestion, chronic gastritis, and dyspepsia (with a recorded history of use for these purposes dating back to the 1930s). The leaf tea is also applied topically to wounds, rashes, and skin cancer. In Brazilian pharmacies today, a topical ointment is made with espinheira santa and sold for skin cancer.

Properties/Actions Documented by Research: Espinheira santa is a source for a group of well known chemicals (found in the leaf, bark and roots of the tree) called maytansinoids. These chemicals represent a class of substances which have been studied since the early 1970's for their antitumorous and anticancerous activities and are today, being developed into chemotherapy drugs. A different class of chemicals found in espinheira santa - triterpene chemicals called cangorins - have also evidenced significant antitumorous, antileukemic, and anticancerous antacid, antiulcerous, contraceptive, estrogenic properties.

Cautions: Research suggests that water extracts of espinheira santa may have estrogenic effects and reduce fertility in females. Women seeking treatment for infertility, attempting to get pregnant, or those with estrogen positive cancers should not use this plant.


How to use/ Preparation: One cup of a standard decoction is taken two to three times daily (or with meals as a digestive aid). A standard leaf decoction can also be applied directly to the skin for topical use for wounds, rashes, and skin cancer.

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