FEDEGOSA POWDER TEA (Cassia occidentalis) -  2 OZ / 60 gr




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Ethnomedical Uses: Fedegosa has been used as natural medicine in the rainforest and other tropical areas for centuries. n Brazil, the roots of Fedegosa are considered a tonic, fever reducer, and diuretic; they are used for fevers, menstrual problems, tuberculosis, anemia, liver complaints, and as a tonic for general weakness and illness. The leaves are also used in Brazil for gonorrhea, fevers, urinary tract disorders, edema, and menstrual problems. In many countries around the world, the fresh and/or dried leaves of fedegosa are crushed or brewed into a tea and applied externally for skin disorders, wounds, skin fungus, parasitic skin diseases, abscesses, and as a topical analgesic and anti inflammatory natural medicine.

Properties/Actions Documented by Research: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antihepatotoxic (liver detoxifier), antimalarial, antimutagenic (cellular protector), antioxidant, antiparasitic, antispasmodic, aperient (mild laxative), hepatoprotective (liver protector), hepatotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the liver), hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), immune stimulant, insecticidal, muscle relaxant, weak uterine stimulant, vasoconstrictor

Cautions: Fedegosa leaf extracts have demonstrated weak uterine stimulant activity and smooth-muscle relaxant actions. As such, the use of this plant is contraindicated during pregnancy. Fedegosa has demonstrated hypotensive activity and, as such, is probably contraindicated in people with low blood pressure. Individuals taking medications to lower their blood pressure should check with their doctor first before taking fedegosa (and monitor their blood pressure accordingly, as medications may need to be adjusted).    Long-term ingestion of small amounts and single high dosages of fedegosa seeds cause toxic reactions including myodegeneration and death.

Drug Interactions: It may potentiate the effects of antihypertensive drugs. Fedegosa has demonstrated significant antihepatotoxic (liver protective), hepatotonic (liver tonic), and hepatic detoxification (liver detoxifing) effects in human studies. As such, the use of this plant might interfere with the metabolism of some drugs in the liver by increasing the clearance of them and/or reducing their half-life (which may reduce the effects of those drugs that require metabolization in the liver).

How to use/ Preparation: The therapeutic dosage is reported to be 1 cup of a standard infusion once a day. If desired, 34 ml of a tincture twice daily.

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