GUARANA POWDER (Paulinia cupana) -  2 OZ / 60 gr


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Ethnomedical Uses: South American Indian tribes (especially the Guaranís, from whence the plant's name is derived) dry and roast the seeds and mix them into a paste with water. They then use it much the same way as chocolate - to prepare various foods, drinks, and medicines. The rainforest tribes have used Guaraná mainly as a stimulant and as an astringent (drying agent) for treating chronic diarrhea. It is often taken during periods of fasting to tolerate dietary restrictions better. Over centuries the many benefits of Guaraná have been passed on and presently, Guaraná is taken daily as a health tonic by millions of Brazilians, who believe it helps overcome heat fatigue, combats premature aging, detoxifies the blood, and is useful for intestinal gas, obesity, dyspepsia, fatigue, and arteriosclerosis. The plant, considered an adaptogen, is also used for heart problems, fever, headaches, migraine, neuralgia, and diarrhea. Guaraná is used and well known for its stimulant and thermogenic action. In the United States today, Guaraná is reputed to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance. Guaraná has been widely used in body care products, energy drinks for its tonifying and astringent properties, and to reduce cellulite. Guaraná also has been used as an ingredient in shampoos for oily hair and as a ingredient in hair-loss products.

Properties/Actions Documented by Research: The use of Guaraná as an effective energy tonic, for mental acuity, and to enhance long-term memory recently was validated by scientists. In a 1997 in vivo study, guaraná increased physical activity, physical endurance under stress, and increased memory with single doses as well as with chronic doses. Interestingly, the study revealed that a whole-seed extract performed more effectively than did a comparable dosage of caffeine or ginseng extract. Guaraná (often in combination with other plants) also has been found to facilitate weight loss, by creating a feeling of fullness and having a mild thermogenic effect. Other proven properties - analgesic (pain-reliever), antibacterial, antioxidant, hyperglycemic, memory enhancer, nervine (balances/calms nerves), neurasthenic (reduces nerve pain), platelet aggregation inhibitor (to prevent clogged arteries), stimulant, and vasodilator.

Cautions: Avoid if allergic or sensitive to caffeine. Excessive consumption is contraindicated for persons with high blood pressure, cardiac disorders, diabetes, ulcers, epilepsy, and other disorders.

How to use/ Preparation: One-half to one cup seed infusion 1-3 times daily or one coffespoon stirred into water or juice. Therapeutic dosages are reported to be 4-5 g daily.  In Brazil is a popular recipe to mix one coffeespoon of guaraná with açaí juice or sorbet and to add granola. (it is highly nourishing and energetic!)

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