Andiroba Oil

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 1 fl.oz / 30 ml



100% Pure and Natural
Extracted by Cold pressing process
No artificial / synthetic fragrance, flavor or preservative
Applications: Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical .

Carapa guianensis

Andiroba Oil is an emollient nut oil which has been processed from the seeds or nuts of the Amazonian tree Carapa guianensis. It protect, thickens and strengthens hair, providing shine and softness. The Indians in the Amazon have used Andiroba oil for centuries as a natural insect repellent, for insect bites and stings, skin parasites, for psoriasis, dermatitis, heat rash, skin fungi and other skin problems such as skin cancer.

Chemical analysis of andiroba oil has identified the presence of a group of chemicals called limonoids. The anti-inflammatory and insect repellent properties of andiroba oil are attributed to the presence of these limonoids, including a novel one which has been named andirobin.

This product contains no synthetic ingredients, no artificial preservative, no artificial fragrance. 100% Pure and Natural.



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Suggested Use

Apply directly to skin as desired or can also be used as a first layer before your regular cream.

Contraindications: Not to be used internally, during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

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