Buriti Oil

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 1 fl.oz / 30 ml



100% Pure and Natural
Extracted by Cold pressing process
No artificial / synthetic fragrance, flavor or preservative
Applications: Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical .

Mauritia flexuosa

Buriti Oil may be the nectar of the Gods - at least in Brazil.

The Moriche Palm, Mauritia flexuosa, also known as the Buriti tree, is a palm tree that grows in and near swamps and other wet areas in tropical South America. Natives call it "the Tree of Life" which is the literal translation of Buriti. Slowly, we're seeing Buriti oil make it's way into the mainstream cosmetic market.

Look for major players like The Body Shop to release a new collection of baby care products featuring Buriti oil.
The Burití palm grows throughout central Brazil and the southern Amazon basin.

Burití Oil easily penetrates the skin's layers to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It is a rich and nourishing facial oil that lubricates tissues, restores elasticity, and harmonizes your skin.

The oil extracted from the Burití nut is the richest known source oil in beta-carotene (higher than carrot oil).

Beta-carotene and its breakdown product, vitamin A, collectively referred too as carotenoids, are tow of the most important antioxidants for the skin. Carotenoids protect the skin against the damaging effects of sunlight for neutralizing free radicals in the skin.
It can be used to treat burns, because of its soothing qualities and its ability to promote the formation of scar tissue.

As with many nuts, buriti is also an exceptional source of essential fatty acids.
Buriti contains a high concentration of oleic and palmitic acids which help moisturize the skin. It has emollient properties, is a free-radical scavenger, and provides protective effects (linoliec acid).

This included protecting fibroblast cells essential for supporting collagen and elastin product - keys for youthful, glowing skin.


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Suggested Use

Add it to creams, lotions, sun care and after-sun care products at percentages of up to 100% of the total oil content. Excellent also for self tanning products.
Contraindications: Not to be used internally during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

Suggested Cosmetic Applications: (Concentrations from 2% for anti-aging and after-sun products). Anti-aging creams, Products after sun, Creams and lotions for body, Creams and facial products, Body-butters, Shampoos, Conditioners and Facial Masks.

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