Cupuacu Butter / Cupuaçú Nut


 2 Oz / 60 gr



100% Pure and Natural Butter
Extracted by Cold pressing process
Contains fragrance, no preservative.
Applications: Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical .

Theobroma grandiflroum

The Cupuaçu tree, widely found throughout the Amazon, specifically in the north of Brazil, is a naturally fragrant product perfect for highly sensitive skin. The delicacy of the fragrance coupled with the intense hydrating mechanisms of the product promotes skin elasticity. The product is extremely effective in reversing the damage of mistreated skin, restoring the skin’s natural humidity and providing for a youthful springiness and fresh plumpness.

Creamy and emollient butter, which promotes a pleasant touch, smoothness and softness to the skin and hair, boosting the recovery of its natural moisture and elasticity. Highly beneficial for dry and damaged skin and hair, promoting deep, long lasting hydration. Its high water absorption capacity, due to its high phytosterol levels, makes Cupuaçu an effective alternative to lanolin.

Cold-pressed, refined, and filtered from the seeds of the Cupuaçu Tree in Brazil.

This product contains no synthetic ingredients, no artificial preservative.  100% Pure and Natural.



US$ 7.00
Natural Oils & Butters

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Suggested Use

Apply directly to skin as a first layer before your regular cream. It´s a great butter for body or foot massage.
Recommended addition to body butters, hand lotions, lipsticks, and masks.

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