Lime Oil

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 1 fl.oz / 30 ml



100% Pure and Natural
Extracted by Cold pressing process
No artificial / synthetic fragrance, flavor or preservative
Applications: Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical .

Citrus limetta

The health benefits of Lime oil can be attributed to its properties like anti septic, anti viral, astringent, aperitif, bactericidal, disinfectant, febrifuge, haemostatic, restorative and tonic.

This Oil of Lime is extracted by cold compression of fresh peels of lime that keeps all natural properties of the fruit and is not an essential oil.

Lime oil is very well known across the world and are extensively used in hundreds of products like cosmetics, sorbets, desserts, beverages, pickles, jams, marmalades, sauces, confectionaries, squashes, and a numerous other industrial products.

Cosmetic use of lime oil
Its antiseptic and infection busting properties, coupled to the astringent effect that this oil has, makes it valuable in assisting with poor or compromised circulation and to clear oily skin, while fighting problem and acne skin in general.

It is also most helpful in areas where circulation is a problem, such as areas with cellulite.

The therapeutic properties of lime oil in skincare are anti-scorbutic, antiseptic, antiviral, disinfectant, bactericidal, astringent, restorative and tonic. The oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing and although the oil obtained from cold expression does not have any phototoxic effect on the skin, it is still not advisable to use strong concentrations of it on your skin before sunbathing.

Lime oil is full of anti oxidants and other beneficial effects such as:

Anti Septic: It can cure infections, protect from them and has anti septic properties, that is, it can prevent tetanus. Externally applied, Lime Oil can cure infections on skin and in wounds and even protect from new infections. Internally taken, it effectively helps cure infections of throat, mouth, colon, stomach, intestines and urinary system. It is miraculously effective in curing sores, gangrene, psoriasis, ulcers, rashes, carbuncles and such problems. It can even cure viral infection of the whole respiratory system, thus benefiting in bronchitis. It is effective in fighting other viral infections such as in case of flu, mumps, cough and cold, measles etc.

Anti Viral: This helps fight and protect against viral infections which may cause common cold, mumps, measles, pox and other such diseases.

Astringent: Being an astringent, Lime Oil helps cure toothache, strengthens grip of gums on teeth and protect them from falling, tightens loosened muscles and gives a feeling of firmness, fitness and youth. This property can also be used to cure diarrhea too. There is one more important benefit of astringent. It can check haemorrhage by contracting blood vessels and can save lives.

Bactericidal: It is a good bactericide. It can be used in treatment of food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid and cholera which are caused by bacteria. Further, it can cure internal bacterial infections like in colon, stomach, intestines and urinary tract as well as external infections on skin, ears, eyes and in wounds.

Disinfectant: Lime Oil is also known for its disinfectant properties. Added in food stuffs, it protects them from getting spoiled from infection by microbes. Consumed, it cures microbial infection in colon, urinary tract, kidneys, genitals etc. Applied externally, it protects skin and wounds from infections and helps them heal quickly. It can be used in dilution for applying on scalp to protect hair from various infections, lice etc.

Febrifuge: Fever is just a symptom which shows that the immune system of our body is fighting against infections or unwanted substances. Thus, fever always accompanies infections, such as cold, viral infections, bacterial infections and infections on wounds, liver malfunctions, pox, boils, allergy or arthritis. Lime Oil, simultaneously being an Anti Allergenic, Anti Microbial, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Tussive, Cicatrisant, Fungicidal and Anti Septic at a stretch, helps cure the cause of fever and eventually reduces fever, thereby acting as a febrifuge.

Haemostatic: An agent that can stop bleeding, either by promoting coagulation of blood or by means of contraction of blood vessels, is a Haemostatic. Lime Oil is a Haemostatic by virtue of its astringent properties which help reduce haemorrhage by contracting blood vessels.

Restorative: This oil serves as a restorative by restoring health and strength. This is quite similar to the effect of a tonic. Very good for those who are recovering after suffering long.

Tonic: Tones up muscles, tissues and skin as well as the various systems functioning inside the body, such as respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system and the excretory system. This tonic effect helps retain youth for a long.

Other Benefits: Apart from having the medicinal properties discussed above, it is anti depressant, anti arthritic, reduces pain of muscles and joints and is a very good anti oxidant.

Blending: Lime Essential Oil blends well with oils of Rosemary, Citronella, Sage, Lavender, Neroli and Ylang-Ylang.



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Suggested Use

Massage – using 02 teaspoons to of pure Lime oil in 1 ounce of massage oil base is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic ways to receive the benefits of the oil, along with the detoxification of the body through lymph drainage and the stimulation of the entire circulatory system. on bedding, linens, towels, and use as a room spray to deodorize and disinfect the air.

The circulatory system is the body’s main system of transport. Although there is continual research into the specific pathways and effectiveness of each oil. Most of oils are generally absorbed into the circulatory system via absorption through the skin or mucous membranes. Once the oil molecules have entered the bloodstream they travel throughout the body and effect it according to their properties.

This oil can be taken internally.

Precaution: This oil can cause photo sensitivity and is not recommended to use it and be exposed to strong sun right after application.

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