Passion Fruit Oil

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 1 fl.oz / 30 ml



100% Pure and Natural
Extracted by Cold pressing process
No artificial / synthetic fragrance, flavor or preservative
Applications: Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical .

Passiflora edulis

The Brazilian Passion fruit seed oil has a fresh pleasant citric fragrance with calming, soothing and analgesic properties.

The passion fruit has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, and its benefits are scientifically documented. It is most widely known for its sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties. The passion fruit is native to the Amazon.

Cosmetic benefits

Passion fruit seed oil (passiflora edulis), also known as Passionfruit oil or Maracujá oil, is a superior emollient rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. The high content of essential fatty acids and light texture of Maracuja Oil (Passion fruit seed Oil) makes it a valuable contribution to a wide array of personal care products intended to nourish the skin and treat dry skin conditions.

Passion Fruit seed oil is highly recommended in scalp and hair care products to encourage healthy hair growth and increased vitality.

Passion Fruit seed oil is calming and sedating, and is suitable for inclusion in bath care products and products intended to promote relaxation. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and sedative properties make it the oil of choice for use in massage applications and formulations intended to ease muscular aches and swelling.

High in linoleic acids, Passion Fruit Seed Oil has healing and antibacterial properties which may be useful for stretch mark, dry, itchy skin and scalp.

*Passion Fruit Seed Oil will instantly provide freshness and vitality.
*Contains anti-oxidants and can be used to improve skin elasticity.
*It can also be used in hair softening products and treating dry flaky scalp.
*Has a calming and soothing effect on the skin.
*High in vitamins A, C and essential fatty acids.

Medicinal benefits

Passion fruit seed oil is also a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants present in this fruit acts as an antihistamine. It is capable of reducing symptoms of asthma by reducing allergy and respiratory tract inflammations. Passion fruit oil can also cure coughs, whooping coughs and help to alleviate brochitis.

Amazonian tribes use the passion fruit for centuries as sedatives for reducing pain. In Brazilian traditional medicine, Passion fruit oil is also used to treat depression, panic attack, insomnia, muscle tension, headaches, anxiety disorders, mild urinary infections and increasing libido. It is also used as a sedative in nervous disorders (including gastrointestinal complaints of nervous origin), difficulties in sleeping, and anxiety or restlessness. In studies conducted since the 1930's, its mode of action has been found to be different than that of most sedative drugs (sleeping pills), thus making it a non-addictive ingredient to promote relaxation. Passion Fruit reduces spasms and depresses the central nervous system

Passion fruit is rich in potassium (an electrolyte that helps maintain your body fluid levels) and iron. Potassium can help lower your blood pressure, help to maintain muscle energy, aid with arthritic symptoms, control seizures, relieve headaches and promote faster healing. Iron helps to boost your energy level, aids in restful sleep, improves immunity, and most importantly helps transport oxygen through your blood.

Passion Fruit Seeds Oil has a fresh, pleasant sweet citric fragrance, with a bright translucid yellow color.

This product contains no synthetic ingredients, no artificial preservative, no artificial fragrance. 100% Pure and Natural.



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Suggested Use

* Suncare products
* Bath Oils
* Massage products

Use as a daily moisturizer. After shower, with skin still damp, spread generous amount over entire body, concentrating in the driest areas, rinsing away excess to leave skin dewy soft and smooth. Or massage the oils into the skin for a therapeutic massage experience. When used daily your body will respond to the refreshing and invigorating benefits of Passion Seed Oil.

It can be applied to bathing oils, lotions, creams, soaps, hair conditioner, hair masks and shampoos. Concentration for use is between 2 to 7% for both hair and personal care.

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