Shea Butter / Karitê Butter


 2 Oz / 60 gr



100% Pure and Natural Butter
Extracted by Cold pressing process
Contains fragrance, no preservative.
Applications: Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical .

Vitellaria paradoxa

Regular users of shea butter have reported that using shea butter has aided in the healing of minor skin ailments such as: Dry and rough skin, Dark spots, aging skin, Indispensable for moisturizing, Retaining skin elasticity, Eczema, Minor skin wounds, Dermatitis, Sunburn or after tans and Skin blemishes.

Natural organic shea butter can granulate due to temperature changes. These crystals of unsaponifiable matter do not effect the shea butter properties, and will disappear when rubbed into your hand.

Karite Shea Butter is 100% pure and naturally rich with moisture sealing and restoring properties. It protects and nourishes dry and sensitive skin. It is a solid oil obtained by the simple mechanical pressure of the nuts of the karite or shea tree. It is made without additives.

Shea butter is truly special when it comes to maintaining and protecting your skin. When the summer heat is upon us, shea butter is THE moisturizer of choice as it does not clog the pores, but allows your skin to breathe freely, which is important during the intense heat of summer months. Shea butter also provides relief after tans or from sunburns. It gently soothes and moisturizes your skin, and keeps it soft throughout the summer.

Likewise, during the harsh, cold of the winter, shea butter does an excellent job of moisturizing and conditioning the skin. During a time of the year where many of us have suffered due to uncontrollable weather and temperature, it is crucial that we take control over one of our most important organs...Our Skin! Shea butter's contains properties that have been known to provide effective relief from cold weather and even frost bite. Revitalize and protect very dry skin with this all natural moisturizer.

This product contains no synthetic ingredients, no artificial preservative.  100% Pure and Natural.



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Natural Oils & Butters

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Suggested Use

Apply directly to skin as desired or can also be used as a first layer before your regular cream .

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