Urucum Oil

Oils Oca-Brazil


 1 fl.oz / 30 ml



100% Pure and Natural
Extracted by Cold pressing process
No artificial / synthetic fragrance, flavor or preservative
Applications: Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical .

Bixa orellana

Urucum seed oil is reddish in color which functions as an auxiliary in sunscreens due to the high content of natural carotenoids (natural pigments). Promotes a topical calming action on the skin and is an effective natural colorant. Urucum main source of pigments named bixin and norbixin, which are classified as carotenoids. Bixin, extracted and used as a food colorant, has been shown to protect against ultraviolet rays and to have antioxidant and liver protective properties in clinical research. Urucum oil is an emollient, and its high carotenoid content (six times more than carrot oil), provides beneficial antioxidant properties. Traditionally used for the indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon for centuries for its properties and protection from the sun, as a topical antiseptic for ear, eye, and skin infections for digestive problems for prostate and urinary infections, for hypertension and to treat high cholesterol levels.

This product contains no preservatives or additives; it is 100% Urucum natural oil.



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Suggested Use

In body care products, Urucum Oil is widely used as tanning accelerator and usually mixed with bronzers and UV/ sun protectants oils to provide antioxidant benefits. Also used to add a natural reddish color to creams, soaps and shampoos.

Contraindications: Not to be used internally, during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

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